Amelia is one of the most naturally gifted young singers I've had the pleasure of meeting and recording with.

Her video of "The Prayer" is a recording of the song Amelia sang with her sister, Faith, in front of the 2018 BGT judges where they got four Yes votes and three standing ovations. Unfortunately, despite this, the producers decided not to air it. The girls were obviously disappointed but thoroughly enjoyed the experience and fully understand that the music world is full of ups and downs.

There is also a show-reel of some of Amelia's work followed by a number of individual videos. Planning a lot more with Amelia, including original songs over the months ahead.

Amelia also works closely with vocal coach Tanya Harrison.

“If you're like me and you love singing then I would highly recommend Kevin at Home Brewed Recordings. You are made to feel at home and relaxed as you receive such a warm welcome. Not only has Kevin produced many lovely recordings and music videos with me, he has also written brilliant backing tracks and helped me with original songs too.”

Amelia Evans (August 2019)

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