I was born and raised in Trinidad in the West Indies, my mother's family having lived there for many, many generations. A true Island Paradise. Unfortunately in the early 70’s the island took a turn for the worse, a civil war broke out and at the age of 16 I was put on a plane and sent to the UK, a strange new scary but exciting world, where I basically started life over again.

I enjoy working with a variety of artists, from established performers looking for a show reel or additions to their Social Media, exceptional young talents working towards a career in the film and music business and we've already achieved huge success in shows like The Voice and The Voice Kids right through to singers of all ages and standards who simply love to sing.

I strongly believe that being individual is essential for success and I encourage, help and support everyone who comes to me to consider writing their own material or putting their own slant on a cover song even if they don't play any instruments as I can help with the music.

Being an individual also goes for those looking to get on the pub and club circuit. Your song choice, set lists, interaction with the audience, performance, stage etiquette, sound system, etc. are all key and after playing for so many years myself I am always happy to share my knowledge and experience and provide any help I can.

As it turns out the majority of people who record with me are under twenty, some as young as seven. I have always enjoyed working with young people and, as a young man, I seriously thought about becoming a teacher but life took me in a different direction. I’ve run youth football and rugby teams for my sons, taken dozens of kids away to competitions in holiday camps, etc. and basically enjoyed every minute along that journey.

I started playing guitar when I was 12 years old and put my first band together when I was 14 and continued in various bands, learning other instruments and playing and recording for many, many years after. My real musical passion is song writing.

I initially set up the studio to enable me to write backing tracks for my wife and other acts who were performing on the South Wales circuit. Yes, there was life before downloading just about anything you wanted from Youtube. Sadly a good friend of mine’s father passed away and the expectation was on his daughter to sing at the funeral. A huge pressure to put on a 13 year old. We had a chat and I suggested she record the track so, if on the day she wasn’t up to singing then she could play the recording. This way she wouldn’t feel she had let everyone down. Despite the circumstances, we had a lot of fun doing the actual recording, which I think did her the world of good. That experience made me realise that there may be other young singers who might enjoy the “Recording Experience” and maybe I could help develop and mentor some of the amazing young talent spread all across South Wales. The birth of Home Brewed Recordings.


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