Shamaine Louise Vocal Coach

I have worked with Shamaine, who is based in Caerphilly, for many years and can highly recommend her. Both for singing and piano lessons. Sham sends her students to me to record and to use recording as a tool and I recommend Sham to people who come to me to. Sham is a truly lovely person and everyone who goes to her always has a great time. Sham also runs a choir, New Harmonix and encourages all of her students to join. A brilliant young choir.

Among the many talented young singers Sham works with is Trinity Leigh Cooper, who as many of you will know is in the finals of The Voice 2020 in Meghan Trainor's team.

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Tanya Harrison Management

So many of the young singers who come to me also go to Tanya who is based in Cardiff. Tanya is a vastly experienced and highly qualified vocal coach. I can say with confidence that everyone I know who work with Tanya thoroughly enjoy and benefit from their lessons.

Tanya’s many successes include taking her students through to appearances on major television shows including The Voice, The Voice Kids, Got What It Takes, Junior Eurovision, and The Ellen Show, while others have performed alongside Katherine Jenkins, Michael Orland (American Idol) and

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Stage Star Vocal School

Vocal coach and piano teacher, Laura Robinson, is based in Pontypool and works with many talented singers and musicians of all ages. Laura also runs a youth choir and a six piece Gospel vocal group. On top of that Laura also performs in a duo, The Nouveau Sisters.

I've had the pleasure of recording the youth choir, the gospel singers and a number of Laura's talented solo singers. Really worth having a chat with Laura if you're in that area and would like some more information.

The talent in South Wales continually surprises me. One of Laura's young students, Charlie Thould, played Jeremy in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in the Hippodrome. He has also been on various adverts and more recently got through to the finals of "West End Calling".

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Zoe Hawkins - Musician and Tutor

I first met Zoe in 2017 when I recorded her brilliant youth choir and we soon became good friends. Zoe is an excellent vocal coach and piano tutor and is also a brilliant singer and musician herself. I can vouch for this personally as Zoe, and her daughter Teagan have been round to record. I’m grateful to Zoe for recommending me to her students and look forward to working with Zoe over the months and years ahead.

One of Zoe’s talented students, Jimmy Rey, was on Pixie Lotts team in The Voice Kids 2018. So much talent in those Welsh valleys.

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Jam Jar Web Design

Jam Jar Web Design is my son Ben's business. Ben has written websites for a variety of business types and individuals and has also written my website. I would totally recommend Jam Jar Web Design, not simply because Ben's my son, but because he's very good at what he does and professional in his approach. Ben will clearly explain what needs to be done and provides excellent training notes and videos to help you keep your website totally up to date. So if you've been thinking about getting you or your business a website then why not have a word with Ben.

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Showboat TV

I'm really pleased to be working with Showboat TV, Pembroke. So many of the young singers who record with me also work with John and co. at Showboat. I love the support and opportunities they provide these talented youngsters which include roles in films Showboat produce and many singing and video shoot opportunities. It's well worth having a look at their website.

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Radio Tircoed

I would like to say a huge thank you to Keith Evans and his colleagues at Radio Tircoed, Swansea, for giving me a slot on his Monday afternoon radio show. It means so much to the young singers who record with me to have their recordings played on a radio station with listeners all around the globe. So tune in and give Radio Tircoed a listen when you get a moment.

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Oystermouth Radio

A huge thanks to Radio DJ Paul Johnson and Oystermouth Radio who have been supporting the young singers who come to record with me and providing them with an opportunity to have their songs played on the radio. This really does mean a great deal to the singers and their families. Paul also hosts a number of Charity Nights where he invites the young singers to perform.

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Radio Cardiff

I would like to thank Zoe Gauchie, radio presenter, and Radio Cardiff, a great community radio station, for supporting the young singers who come to record with me. I have only recently started working with Zoe but it’s great to have a Cardiff based radio station helping and promoting the talented youngsters.

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