It really was a great pleasure getting to know Chelsea. Always having fun while recording, trying out songs for various competitions, working with Hannah Norman on duets, etc., etc. Chelsea is now working as a care worker and thoroughly enjoying helping others, which I guess is perfect for such a lovely young lady, so has very little time for recording these days. But Chelsea will always remain a good friend.

So here are a couple examples of Chelsea's vocal plus some footage "Outtakes" of Chelsea and Hannah when they get together. Including a duet with Hannah, Lordes "Royals". They recorded this Acapella and I added a new arrangement behind their vocals. And a cover of The Jackson 5's "Who's Loving You", and Beyonce's "Listen".

“I started visiting Kev in my early teens, I didn’t have much confidence and never had a singing lesson in my life. Kevin is such a down to earth individual who brought me out of my shell and opened my eyes to the singing opportunities that where available and pushed me forward to do so. Kevin has a beautiful studio and a brilliant sense of humour. Even on days I wasn’t feeling the best he would push me through it to work to my full potential. Every competition I had Kevin was there and helped me achieve my goal, even if I believed it wasn’t possible. Kevin is very professional but it’s always fun. While working with Kevin I achieved many things such as finding myself, I created a few CDs & made life long friends- not just with other singers like myself, but with Kevin too. While working with Kevin I also had the opportunity to work as a duet with another individual and even to this day we are still very close friends. Kevin is the individual who brings you closer to who you really are, he’s passionate about his work and is always happy to help with anything you need. As an young adult with a full time job I do find it difficult to make time for hobbies etc, but even after the years of Kevin knowing me he will still pop me a message to see how I’m doing. I would give my 100% recommendations to Home Brewed Recordings and my 100% trust in Kevin!”

Chelsea McCrystal Martin (September 2019).

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