I love it when a singer comes to record and totally surprises me with both song choice and voice. I had heard Emma before, she sang a beautiful ballad so I invited her to the studio expecting something similar. AC/DC was possibly the last thing on my mind. Emma is regular performer on the South Wales circuit and from what I hear she puts on quite a show as I think these recordings confirms that. We are now working on a full CD together Emma continually surprises me with her song choices. Once again showing just how different her live shows must be from the ‘normal’ female singers.

"Kevin has a wonderful home studio which produces quality recordings at affordable prices. Not only that, Kevin does so much more than just record your songs, he goes above and beyond to help singers/performers whether they need help recording, mixing, music tracks or writing original songs. As far as music is concerned Kevin certainly knows his stuff and I like how he talks you through the whole process and makes you feel totally involved in the making of your recordings, which is amazing, especially when you are just starting out in the industry."

"I was so nervous when I first started recording with Kevin but straight off he gave the time and attention to make me feel more relaxed and now I have almost completed a full CD with him. From start to finish the whole session as well as his help afterwards has been an amazing experience and Kevin has become a good friend and I hope to see him again soon to finish off my CD.”

Emma Ruiz (September 2019).

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