Introduction To Recording:

As a general guide this is normally recording to a backing track. The process is usually, sing a number of times, review the vocals and once happy, Mix and Master the track. We then take some photos and choose one to go on your CD to take home with you. This normally takes two and a half to three hours. You are involved every step along the way. Subsequent recordings follow very much the same pattern and take roughly the same time as most people find the more they learn and understand what can be done the more involved they become.

Studio Based Music Videos:

Once comfortable with the song we set up the lights and camera and video each time you sing. I then produce the video using the finished recording over the next couple of days and email it to you. You suggest any changes you might want and we go from there.

Recording And Playing Instruments:

There are a number of processes we might follow if you are a musician, guitarist, keyboard player, etc. and wanted to record a self accompanied cover song. I am happy to add additional instruments if that was something you wanted. Totally your choice.

Song Writing:

This is my personal passion and I will always encourage everyone to have a go at writing their own material. If you have an original song you would like to record or you would like some help writing a song then I'd love to be involved. This might vary from simply recording you playing and singing your track through to me writing the music and helping you with the lyrics, arrangement, etc.

Other Options Available:

On location videos, recording vocal groups and writing backing tracks. I am also happy to help find backing tracks, change their keys, lengthen or shorten tracks to comply with various singing competition rules, produce music and voice overs for dance groups. Basically if there is something musical you need then please lets have a chat.

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