Ross was a colleague of mine whilst I was working at Brains Brewery. As is the way with musicians, we soon got together after work with a few others from the brewery and started to make 'some noise'. On one of those evenings Ross started playing this song and we quickly agreed that it should be recorded so round he came.

Ross played most of the guitar tracks, I added, bass, drums and the bits of acoustic lead. We were going to record more of Ross' original tracks but shortly after recording 'Road Less Travelled' Ross got promoted. I'd fully understand if Ross was travelling because he was gigging or doing a Jack Kerouac but to allow a job to get in the way of his music. It's just not rock 'n roll.

Having said that Ross is currently gigging around South Wales.

“Working with Kevin was easy and fun. He makes you feel at ease from the start. His knowledge of the recording and mixing process is excellent. I would definitely recommend working with him on your next project.”

Ross Gurney (January 2017).

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