I was really pleased when Laura Robinson, vocal coach (Stage Star Vocal School & part of duo The Nouveau Sisters) contacted me to say one of her students, guitar vocalist Sarah Hincks, would like to come and have a go at recording.

I love working with musicians and even though it was Sarah's first time recording and she was understandably a little bit nervous to start with we soon got into the swing of things. Sarah was very keen that the recording was as 'Real' and 'Live' as possible so everything you hear was done in two takes. I'd never heard this very early Adele song before and the more I've listened to Sarah's version the more it's growing on me. Simple and effective with a lovely, controlled vocal.

"I had never recorded before and was quite nervous but I was very impressed at how patient he was and how he brought out my confidence. Kevin was very knowledgeable and did an amazing job creating the track."

Sarah Hincks (May 2019).

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