Paul was one of the first singer songwriters I worked with where the aim was to complete a full CD of original songs. You may remember Paul from his time with Oasish, one of the first and most successful UK Oasis tribute bands. He then moved on to The Habit and then The Blades, both very hard working bands with great stage presence and not too bad at playing their instruments and putting songs together either. Paul is now out and about as a solo act as four of the videos show.

Back to Paul's first CD which was mainly a compilation of songs he'd written over a number of years. He'd suggest varies styles that he'd like each song production based on and then he'd leave it with me. I'd often do a couple arrangements, one based on what he'd asked for and others based on what I thought might work better.

His second and third CDs were predominantly new material using the same process as the first.

Paul is extremely creative and always good fun to work with. A truly talented singer and song writer.

“Working with Kevin was a joy for a number of reasons. Firstly he is a producer who really gets inside what type of sound you are looking for and, being an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, he can assist in playing a number of different parts and has even painstakingly taken a bass line from being a hummed riff to recording...he just gets it! Secondly and more importantly he simply loves music and is not afraid to offer a different approach or suggest a different take to enhance the recording.”

Paul Harvey (May 2018).

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