I really enjoyed Leah's first visit to the studio in January 2020. A great voice and lovely girl too. I never get tired of recording songs from Les Miserables and recording another with Leah was an absolute pleasure.

Leah came back up in April 2021 and initially stayed with her real love, the musical theatre. She was so well rehearsed that we finished in less than one hour so we suggested Leah have a go at a "pop" song. I'm glad we did as Leah was as brilliant as ever.

I hope to see lots more of Leah over the months and years ahead as she continues developing her natural talents.

"Wow what an experience. Leah loved her first time in a recording studio. I would highly recommend Home Brewed Recordings. A lovely relaxed atmosphere Kevin put Leah right at ease. It was like she had been doing it for years wasn’t nervous at all We will definitely be returning.”

Kathryn Rees (January 2020).

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