2020 has been a strange year for all of us and I can't thank Bethan Frieze, a friend for so many years, enough for involving me in her many choir's virtual videos. All for very, very good causes. Those virtual videos played a huge part in keeping me occupied and fairly sane throughout 2020.

The M.A.D.4Kids charity aims to help relieve poverty and advance the education of children living in Zambia, in particular but not exclusively, by the provision of funds and items to the Good Samaritan Ministries School in Lusaka, Zambia.

The primary school started under a mango tree on a plot of ground owned by the Good Samaritan Ministries church. Over the past 20 years the school has continued to grow providing education, uniform, shoes and other basic essentials.

M.A.D.4Kids currently pays the salaries of 4 teachers, funds the daily feeding programme and invests in building and maintenance projects.

So a huge Thank You to Beth and good luck to Mad4Kids in everything they do.

We are thrilled to bits with this video that was put together by the wonderful Kevin at Home Brewed Recording Studio.

As always we are hugely impressed by the musicality, helpfulness and patience he brings to all projects. During the lockdown he has made it possible for our groups to continue to experience the joy of making music together and to be productive.

Unreservedly recommended.

Bethan Frieze (December 2020).

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