I first saw Caitlin when she was just 14 years old and I remember thinking, there's something special about this young lady. Caitlin has found her niche with the Country Rock genre and you can see her perform across the UK at a variety of events. Caitlin is currently (December 2019) also appearing in season 2 of BBCi's TEEN TAXI TV programme after featuring in Season 1.

We initially recorded a CD of cover songs, a few examples below. Caitlin is now writing her own songs and I am really enjoying working with Caitlin on these. In the summer of 2019 Caitlin was invited on Stage and sang a song with Carrie Underwood in the Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff. A great future lies ahead for this young and very talented Welsh country girl.

Caitlin also works closely with vocal coach Tanya Harrison. Fingers crossed, Caitlin gets the recognition her hard work and talent deserves.

"Kevin does so much more than just record your song. He's become an amazing friend and a great mentor. Kevin is absolutely wonderful with the young people. He gives them so much time and attention. He always helps out with backing tracks, singing and song writing techniques which is absolutely amazing when they are starting off in this industry. We absolutely love spending time at Home Brewed Recording.”

Caitlin Mae & Helen (mum) (June 2019).

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