Morgan and mum Bethan have been to the studio on a number of occasions. We recorded 'Rain On My Parade' on her first visit back in 2017. We met up again to record 'Lamest Place In The World' from 13 The Musical and, to say the least - we had a ball. We did do a more serious version of this video but I couldn't resist putting this one up.

Morgan’s “Tomorrow” video from Annie sort of confirms her “crazy” side. Great girl, great family and always great fun.

The "Scared Of The Dark" video is Morgan with friends Frances and Pheobe. We really did have some fun making these.

"Morgan Loved her first session in the studio with Kevin whom she met whilst auditioning for the Welsh Factor. As soon as we entered the studio Kevin made us feel feel at home with his friendly welcoming approach. The first session was a like a tutorial recording session which was very interesting! After just a couple of hours Morgan ended up with a CD recording and a video that was received the same evening. Great Service! She cannot wait to get back to the studio. Thank you Kev!”

Bethan Stoddart (June 2017).

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