I was contacted by Kaci's mum and asked if I could do some recording with Kaci and generally offer advice and guidance to help this very talented young lady develop those natural talents. We started by recording some of Kaci's favourite cover songs then introduced some more challenging ones. I introduced Kaci to laying down her own harmonies and backing vocals and finally achieved my main goal of encouraging and helping Kaci write her own songs.

First one, “Invisible to me”, then “I Win” and finally, my favourite - “Paper Aeroplanes”. Such mature lyrics for a 12 year old. It really was a pleasure helping Kaci write and putting the music together for her.

"My Dad and I attended Kevin’s studio having talks about making my first CD. This all started in January 2017, we go every two weeks and since starting my covers CD, we have now moved to doing originals with Kevin’s support writing the music for my backing tracks. From the minute I met Kevin, I was made to feel comfortable and the studio is set out to make sure you have a good time. When I leave, I am already looking forward to returning. Hard to explain how wonderful the experiences I have going there. I would recommend, everyone to go and see for yourself how professional and friendly Kevin is. Thank you for all your support to date and going forward.”

Kaci James (July 2017).

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