Another example of the young talent that seems to be all around us here in South Wales.

Kaylene was so enthusiastic and full of energy on her first visit back in May 2019 and really great fun to work with, as you can see by some of the extras tagged on to the end of this video. She chose a song by one of my favourite female artists, Birdy, and considering it was her first time I was really proud of her.

Kaylene came back in February 2020, with her vocal coach and friend, Shamaine Egal-Johnson, and we recorded her first two brilliant original songs.

"When I went down the studio I was extremely nervous as it was my first time at a studio, but as soon as I got there I felt welcomed and comfortable. As well as it being very professional, it was also a load of fun and well worth the money! I would recommend Kevin's studio to anyone. You can go anywhere for a recording, but the amount of work, effort and time that Kevin puts into each song is difficult to find elsewhere! I will definitely be going there for future recordings!!"

Kaylene Cawkwell (October 2017).

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