Dave and I go back many, many years. He's probably best known for putting together the first, and in my opinion, best, Madassa Soul Band. Alongside solo gigs Dave has sung in many bands including 'Freeway' and currently 'Grooveline', a soul and funk based band with some truly great musicians including another good friend, Lee St Lawrence.

As I occasionally try to promote the studio as a small business (as well as a fun place for music friends to get together) I asked Dave if he would sing a couple tracks for me. Dave said he was happy to then dropped the challenge, 'if you write a couple original soul style ballads for me'. So, I got together with my son, Ben, and set about writing. Below are the results.

”Thoroughly enjoyable and productive recording session with Kevin Roche at Home Brewed Recordings. We were talking about me doing some recording and I suggested Kevin write a song that might suit me. So typically he and his son Ben Roche wrote two. Ben did a great job on the melodies and backing vox and Kev played all instruments, arrangements and produced the track. Knowing Kevin I expected a good song but nothing like this. Thanks both."

Dave Bowen (October 2015).

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