Mia, just 14 years old (July 2020) is a great young singer and is part of the Gremlin, Carmarthen Open Mic Night and Showboat TV group. Mia is also an amazing young dancer. I always look forward to Mia coming up to record. Such a lovely girl with a great voice and lovely family.

I hope Mia keeps coming up, firstly because I love her voice but also because I really believe there is so much more to come from this talented young singer and performer.

Mia's "Before He Cheats" and "Dancing On My Own" videos were recorded remotely by Mia and her mum Becky, under "lock down" and I finished things off in the studio.

“My daughter Mia who is 13 has been to Kevin’s studio quite a few times and always has the most wonderful time. She comes right out of herself and gives it her all. Kevin has helped Mia come on so much and the CDs and recordings you have are amazing. We love going to Kevin’s studio so much and can’t wait to go back as soon as we leave. Kevin has helped Mia come on so much with her confidence and to believe in herself. He is such a lovely man. We really appreciate your time and your help Thanks.”

Becky and Mia Evans (February 2020).

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