Clara and her mum, Sadie, were regulars at the studio. I often threatened to install a camcorder to capture their somewhat unique mother / daughter conversations and discussions about what's right and wrong, vocally, song choice and life in general. It would be an instant Youtube success.

Clara is a classically trained singer and despite being a teenager has a love for songs from the 60s so we decided to record a CD of songs from that era. Below are a few examples of songs from back in the day, "Movie In My Mind" from Miss Saigon, Cilla's "Alfie" and Jesus Christ Superstar's "I Don't Know How To Love Him.".

I’ve also had the pleasure of watching Clara take lead roles in a couple brilliant Congress Theatre productions. Such a talent. Clara's currently off at Uni further developing her unquestionable musical talents.

"I really enjoyed my recent visit to the Studio. Kevin has lots of patience and also encouraged me to try new songs which I really enjoyed. The recording we made was excellent and I cant wait to go back for regular recording sessions to record my first complete CD.”

Clara Greening (November 2017).

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