What an amazing girl. Just 8 years old when she did her first two recordings with me in December 2020. So much energy, fun and enthusiasm.

Summer told me all about her plans when she grows up which was basically to be a pop star, become a billionaire and buy lots of things. Great plan.

Summer came back in April 2021 for a couple more recordings. A fascinating pocket dynamo of a girl, full of questions, ideas, stories, not to mention her talent. Left me around 3.00pm and headed straight for more out door recordings for a National Dance Competition, and they got through to the final. Huge congrats to Summer and the team.

I really look forward to many more recordings with this talented young singer and all round super star.

Huge thanks to mum, Ceri, for bringing Summer over.

I don’t know where to start. Kev is the nicest guy you’ll probably ever meet. He made my 8 year old feel like an absolute celebrity, we felt so comfortable and at home.

So friendly, patient and professional! He even keeps a CD for his collection on his wall of fame. This is a lovely touch to make the children feel like a superstar.

Can’t wait to come back. Thanks again Kev, you’re a top bloke!

Ceri Davies (December 2020).

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