Ben's my son so I'm bound to think he has a great voice. He's been a singer on the circuit off and on since he was 15 spending most of his time singing abroad. He also did the vocals on a couple of my kids book, “South Sea Sam” songs. Ben is totally up to date with what's going on music wise and continually educates me with great modern artists he discovers. Mainly singer songwriters as he knows that's my real love.

Ben and I wrote a couple songs for Dave Bowen and we are in the process of recording a CD of Ben's songs. Looking forward to that. I wanted to try a few things in the studio so I wrote this backing track for Paolo Nutini's Alloway Grove and asked Ben to sing it for me.

Ben is currently focusing on his own web design business . Have a look at his web site if you get a moment. He's put this web site together for me and has developed web sites for other HBR customers. He could do the same for you should you decide to use the web to promote your talent.

"Home Brewed Recordings is the perfect place to record. It's fun, easy and Kevin really knows his stuff."

Ben Roche (14/05/2020).

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