I first met Star when she was part of a wonderful youth choir run by Zoe Hawkins. A year or so later I saw Star performing on her own, singing a couple songs from her favourite band, The Overtones. She stole the show. Star has done many recordings with me and I totally admire her. The most positive teenager I know.

Below are a few of Star's videos including one with her sister Rachel (an ex Butlins Red Coat now performing across the South Wales circuit) with a great cover of "Goodnight Sweetheart".

I really am very pleased that Star and her family are regular visitors to my little studio, a truly lovely family and we've become great friends.

""We always have a brilliant time when recording with Kevin. Professional, kind and he knows his stuff! It’s such a lovely atmosphere to record in. It's something I always look forward to!"

Star and Susan (August 2019).

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