Cerys, who is currently in college, contacted me as she needed to put together a vocal-reel.

We met and recorded a number of songs, all different styles.

I always enjoy meeting students like Cerys who have taken their talents to the next step, learning and developing their skills in a college environment.

I hope Cerys finds the time, in her busy college life, to pop back at some point as I think she's a real all round talent.

Whatever happens I wish Cerys every success in her career.

Singing has been a new journey for me over the past 3 years of my professional training. I have always danced from a young age and have never been confident with singing.

Going into the industry, I knew I had to push myself and gain my confidence in my singing otherwise I would really struggle.

Making a vocal reel for the first time I was initially nervous, but Kevin welcomed me into his studio and made me feel at ease from the get go. He explained everything so clearly and helped me through all of the songs that I recorded with him. He does everything possible to make sure that you come away feeling extremely happy with your recordings.

I would definitely recommend Kevin to anyone who is interested in recording music or making a reel, especially anyone that feels nervous to do so!

Cerys Lewis (January 2022).

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