Once again a huge thanks to Laura Robinson for putting these amazing vocal groups together and arranging to bring them all down to the studio. What a great bunch of people. Lovely voices and good fun on both days.

Laura's 12 piece Stage Star Vocal School singers arrived for their first ever recording having never practiced together only to find I was having problems with the recording equipment. The first and only time - touch wood. But, with Laura's help they just brilliantly entertained themselves and got to know one another.

The adult 6 piece Gospel singing group were excellent too. Newly formed and the first time recording for many of them but you would never really have known. What a great day.

Pleased to say quite a few have returned individually, so again, a huge thanks to Laura.

“As a professional artist I’ve tried many studios throughout the years however Home Brewed Recording studios has to be the best. I visited recently with my 6 piece Gospel group and 12 piece youth group and the hospitality was second to none . Kev is very welcoming and easy going and makes you feel at ease instantly. Nothing felt rushed with the recording and the sound quality of the finished tracks were awesome and Kev mixed them perfectly!. Thanks Kev we will be returning in the near future!”

Laura Robinson (August 2019).

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