& PJ

What can I say about these two individuals? Great voices, great fun, crazy conversations, crazy song choices but all based on a true love of music. Always singing, continually insulting each other, extremely polite, and so, so much more.

I can't speak for them but I had a ball in July 2018 when they spent two days with me in the studio. We recorded seven very different songs in those two days and one video. They popped back up in 2019 and we recorded a few more tracks, talked, laughed and generally had fun.

They both starred in Showboat TV’s Christmas 2019 film “The Day Before You Came” and are currently working on a new film with Showboat and are regulars at the Gremlin Club’s Sunday night open mic hosted by the brilliant Alize Adelle.

“Amazing! Such a relaxed atmosphere and so much fun to record with. 10/10

Shari & PJ (June 2018).

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