I would like to thank vocal coach Tanya Harrison for suggesting Reegan come round and have a go at recording. What an amazing girl. Model, actor, voice overs for worldwide TV ads and now singer. Reegan was so professional and you would never have guessed she was only 8 years old and her lovely parents were so supportive.

Reegan’s mum, Lisa, brought Reegan back a few days before Covid 19 lockdown started as she needed to update her Nivea Sunscreen voice over for summer 2020 and didn’t want to go to the studio in London so we created an interface between the London studio and mine and Reegan recorded the voice over in Cardiff. Modern technology! Once again Reegan was totally professional. It was really interesting and a pleasure helping out.

“Reegan’s vocal coach, Tanya Harrison, introduced us to Kevin. He is amazing, very welcoming and has so much patience with the children. His home studio is just amazing and has everything and from our first visit we knew we would have to return. We have recommended Kevin to so many friends. The icing on the cake was when Kevin saved the day and helped Reegan record some more voice clips for Nivea Sun just before the lock down He is awesome !!!”

Lisa Davies (March 2020).

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