I am lucky enough to meet and record with all sorts of people and such a variety of voices, from big and powerful to soft and smooth, so I was really pleased when Nia started singing on her first visit to the studio. Her soft and somewhat innocent vocal approach was, in my opinion, perfect for the songs she chose.

We recorded two songs on her first visit and two on her second. Nia came back with her friend, Megan Sutherland, both planning to do some solo recording. They then decided to have a go at a duet and Sia’s “Titanium” was the result. We then set out to complete a full CD of Nia’s solo tracks as well as a 5 track EP of her and Megan’s (Serendipity) duos by the end of 2019.

Nia has been back a number of times, the latest, in July 2021, to recording possibly my favorite so far, a truly beautiful version of Jim Croch's Time In A Bottle including 4 part harmonies.

Nia has also starred in a number of Showboat TV films.

“We have so much fun recording with Kevin. Nia was a little nervous to begin with but that soon went. We always look forward to going back and we love his recordings and videos. Such a nice guy.”

Eleri Lewis (November 2019).

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