Such a great family. Megan is such a creative, inspiring and enthusiastic young person. A singer songwriter who is currently (April 2021) studying Forensic Science at Bath Spa University.

Megan's first recording was back in June 2017. Later that year we worked on an original song Megan had written, Why Cry.

Megan brought her friend, Nia Gwennan Lewis, to the studio and they both recorded a couple solo tracks. While here they decided to have a go at a duet. I'm glad they did as their voices were perfect together. So we set out to complete two solo CDs and a duet EP by Xmas 2019, which we achieved.

Megan and Nia went on to perform as a duo, Serendipity, but the events of 2020/2021 put their gigging on hold.

Megan has also starred in a number of Showboat TV productions including their Christmas 2019 film “The Day Before You Came”.

"Home Brewed Recordings is a very good place to go especially if you're recording your very own song. This is a very fun experience. I've done this myself, twice, with Kevin, and I can tell you his work is exceptional when it comes out.”

Megan Sutherland (November 2019).

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