Hannah, who I first met when she was just 14 years old was another regular at the studio. A teenager with a beautiful and versatile voice and lovely personality. We recorded a number of songs, the intention being to continue using recording to help Hannah develop, leading ultimately to Hannah recording a full CD. Hannah also started working with vocal coach Shamaine Egal-Johnson as part of her ongoing development. Good old education, GCSE's etc. put things on hold but I'm hopeful we'll get things going again as I really love Hannah's voice.

Hannah also teamed up with another studio regular, Chelsea McCrystal Martin, who is now a young carer, to form the duo, Upside Down. Their blend of voices and great friendship was a pleasure to see and listen to. Reunion plans in place once the Covid19 problems eases up a bit. I can't wait.

Here are a few examples of Hannah's recordings.

“I love recording with Kevin. He is supportive throughout the experience and the end-product is very professional. He is always on the end of the phone for help in between recordings too.”

Hannah Norman (June 2018).

“Kevin has worked with Hannah over the last couple of years and provided professional backing tracks supporting her vocal range for important auditions/shows. He always goes above and beyond and has the patience of a Saint!”

Joanne Norman (June 2018).

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