What can I say about this incredibly talented girl. Just 10 years old when she came for her first recording in February 2020. What a voice, and she chose one of my all time favourite songs to.

Eva is currently (March 2020) starring in BBC Wales and CBBC’s “The Snow Spider” and even though it’s obviously meant for kids, I’m totally hooked. I honestly cannot wait to meet up again.

Huge thanks to Eva's vocal coach Tanya Harrison for putting us in touch.

“Eva says 'thank you so much Kevin for such an amazing experience. I was so excited about making a recording as singing is my absolute obsession. I really enjoyed making the song and it was really interesting the way you put everything together to make the CD. It was great that you allowed me to have some input into the editing of the song and the CD design. Lovely meeting you, and if it wasn't for Covid-19 I would have already been back at least twice by now!”

Catherine Owen (April 2020).

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