It was Danielle’s first time in a recording studio, so understandably a few nerves to start off with, but they didn’t last long. Really different song choice to, Hiding My Heart by Gavin Degraw. I always like it when there’s a song I haven’t heard before. It was a lot of fun and I liked the fact that Danielle was interested and got involved in the mixing and mastering. We’ve had a chat and plans are in place to meet up again and work on some original songs.

“I first met Kev in 2018 when I applied for a local competition. I had the chance to go and see Kev in his recording studio to record a song. This was my first recording but Kevin made the process so easy and comfortable, nothing was too much work. Loved getting to see the work and the process of putting a song together. Until next time. Xx.”

Danielle Lacey-Davies (September 2018).

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