Cy Benson has been entertaining holiday makers in Tenerife and the UK for many, many years. His incredible vocals provide Cy with a huge repertoire but good old fashioned Soul music is what you'll normally hear Cy singing. But if you ask nicely he might do his rendition of Queen's Bohemian Rhaspody amongst many other not so 'soulish' tracks. A great friend and absolute pleasure to record.

Cy was back in the UK over Xmas 2017 and popped in to record a new CD. The video below provides a few snippets taken from his CD.

“I must say a big Thank you To Kevin Roche, owner and producer at "Home Brewed Recording Studios" , Cardiff, for his fantastic service on the recordings and artwork on the CD that I recorded there whilst I was in the UK. Kevin explained how we would approach the recordings and felt so relaxed with a cup of tea and sandwiches on offer. I would recommend this gentleman and his recording studio to anybody wishing to make a CD. I applaud you Kevin for your excellent service, and can guarantee when I am back in the UK I will definitely be doing another recording with you.”

Cy Benson (January 2018).

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