Caitlin is a brilliant young singer who just keeps on improving. She’s an absolute pleasure to record with and it's always great fun. Caitlin's recordings are regularly played on the various radio stations I work with and are always very well received by their listeners. I'll never forget seeing a very young Caitlin on stage singing solo for the first time. Shy and a bit nervous but her rendition of the classic "Summertime" was really special.

A huge thank you to her mum, Alison, for bringing Caitlin up and joining in the fun. Caitlin is a regular with vocal coach Tanya Harrison and loving it.

"I really recommend any child, or really all ages, going to visit Kevin. He helps so much in getting the performer out of them and growing their confidence. Thanks Kevin for all you do.”

Alison Williams (June 2019)

"I love recording with Kevin and he's made my confidence grow a lot and I can't wait to go up and see him again.”

Caitlin Williams (June 2019)

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