I always look forward to meeting and recording with new people and Chloe was no exception. A young mum, a truly lovely young lady with such an amazing voice.

What made Chloe's first visit, end of 2019, even better was her song choice, Sanctuary, taken from one of my favourite TV series, Nashville. We decided to work on a full CD of cover songs and met a couple more times during the Covid 19 months to record Ella Henderson's "Yours" and Adele's "Hiding My Heart". Then in May 2021 another beautiful recording, Jessie Ware's "Say You Love Me".

We plan to continue with the CD of cover songs but also look at writing some original songs together. Chloe's distinctive voice totally deserves her own songs.

“Kevin is absolutely great to work with. I was very nervous to begin with but that soon changed when I was in his presence. He made me feel comfortable and calm and I always look forward to my next session in his lovely home studio. xx”

Chloe Morgan-Jones (December 2019).

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