I'd like to thank the excellent vocal coach and good friend Shamaine Egal-Johnson for introducing me to Rachael. Rachael is a great example of a young, inexperienced singer with a great voice but sadly fairly little belief in it. That word, CONFIDENCE, cropping up again.

Well I'm pleased to say Rachael agreed to work on a full CD with me which we completed in 2019. Extracts of each song can be heard on her Montage video below along with a couple individual videos.

Rach is also in Shamaine’s choir - New Harmonix. Rach has also written her first original song which we are working on. I love it and will put it on the website as soon as it's ready. Such a natural talent.

"Homebrewed Recording studios is one of the most welcoming places I’ve ever been to. Kev's kind and relaxed approach helps massively with any nerves, and before you know it it’s like you've known him for years. I am always so pleased with my recordings and Kev uses his knowledge to help make them the best they can be. I always look forward to recording with Kev."

Rachael Morgan-Kane (August 2019).

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