Really high hopes for what lies ahead for Nataya. A truly talented and hard working young singer, brilliantly coached by Tanya Harrison. What can I say about Nataya other than all she needs to support her incredible natural talent, hard work and dedication is a little bit of good old fashioned Luck.

I saw Nataya in a lead role of a brilliant Mark Jermin production of Annie and her performance was simply outstanding. Nataya is currently studying music and performance at Bridgend College, a perfect choice.

Basically, I’d happily pay to see Nataya perform in Musical Theatre productions or as a singer and I’m sure that day will come.

“Nataya really enjoys recording with Kevin. It’s so relaxed and friendly and we love the recordings and videos. I would totally recommend paying him a visit. Also he is excellent value for money.”

Linda & Nataya (October 2019).

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