Leighton Jones and Friends - including Chris Burley, Lance Callaghan and Kate Gibson. Proof that there are few greater pleasures in life than a group of friends getting together for a jam. Handy to have a studio at hand to record the ideas.

Combining Chris's range of guitar and piano tunes, Lance's lyrical and melody inspiration and Leighton's natural talent usually means that I spend my time doing the recording. They do let me play an instrument every now and again though. Luckily Karl was round and gave me a break from the PC.

For those of you who have recorded with Leighton you will know that his strap line is "just a few more harmony tracks please". There was me thinking that a 50" monitor screen would give me more than enough room for all the tracks I'd ever need. Not with Mr. Jones.

For those who don't know Leighton, he has recorded with Graham Gouldman (10cc), Hamish Stuart (Average White Band), Hawk Wollinski (Rufus and Chaka Khan) to name but a few.

"I have been recording at Home Brewed Recordings studio for many years. Working on various projects which include a soundtrack for a children's book Kevin had written to writing tracks for other artists as well as recording our own songs. What I like about Kevin's studio is the relaxed, professional atmosphere and the main thing, obviously, the quality of his and Karl's mixes. The end product is what it's all about. That's why I'm always up for another session."

Leighton Jones (November 2017).

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