I have known Charlotte and her family for many years having worked with her father, David, at Brains Brewery. Char did her first recording with me at the tender age of thirteen which included two songs she had written herself. We followed that with a full CD including her two originals. Next was a CD she put together as a surprise Christmas present for her parents. Then a Beverley Knight track, First Time. Char asked me to write the backing track for her. We recorded her vocals and then put the video together which you can see below.

Char worked closely with vocal coach Shamaine Egal-Johnson and was part of Sham's brilliant, original youth choir.

Char is currently at Uni but she popped back recently to record the Adele track below. I love the fact that we've kept in touch over all these years. Char is a wonderful young talent with a great future ahead of her in whatever she decides to do with her life.

"Working with Kevin is just brilliant - I feel so at ease and Kevin's enthusiasm, ideas and passion for music are so inspiring. I was so grateful and really impressed watching Kev write the music to the two original songs I wrote when I was 13 and later the backing track for Beverley Knight's First Time. I'd recommend Kev to any young singers and songwriters."

Charlotte Bonney (April 2018)

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