Vocalists – Semi-Professional and Professional

For vocalists already on the circuit who would like a product to help promote you further. Attract new agents, send to venues and/or sell at your gigs.
Using high quality studio microphones and backing tracks, you will experience how your vocals and tracks are mixed and mastered. You will see that your vocals aren’t just added over the top of the track, but carefully blended with the instrumentation and vocal harmonies contained on the backing tracks.
We will provide the additional editing, mixing and mastering required to ensure your CD lives up to your live performance.
All we can promise is that you’ll enjoy your experience and leave with a product you are proud of.



The best results are always achieved when you are familiar with the tracks, which I’m sure you will be as professionals, so we will ask you to send us your tracks or let us know which songs you would like to record and we will provide you with the tracks beforehand. It is then up to you to practice as much as possible. This guarantees a lower cost to you and a vastly superior result.
We agree a date and time that suits you, you turn up and from there you sing and we record.
Based on our experience a three hour slot works best. On average we will record two, possibly three tracks during this period. We will mix your recording, applying effects (FXs) to your main and supporting vocal tracks, if additional harmonies have been added, and then smoothly blend them all together for the finished product.
Should your wish to record additional tracks we will either carry on or book you in for a further session or two.
The finished tracks will then be mastered to CD quality and you can choose a layout for the printed CD. We will provide two or three CDs as part of the package and contact details for 3rd party bulk CD burning company if required.
In addition, if you’d like, we will help you publish your tracks to web so the whole world can share your experience.



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