Vocalists – New To A Studio!

Love singing, talent competitions and/or get a kick out of karaoke.
then a visit to the studio will not only be a great experience but could also be a great way to develop your confidence and talent.
Equally you may want to make a ‘Surprise Gift’ for someone you love.

Never recorded before?
Try the ‘Intro to Recording’ session.
It’s fun. We’ll go through the process together from beginning to end, trying lots of different things along the way.
The end result being your recorded song with your photo printed on your very own CD and, if you’d like, your recording played on GTFM radio.
You’ll need to allow up to three hours for this.

Next step.
Individual recordings, one song at a time, or record an EP (4-6 songs) or full CD (10-12 songs).
We usually spread these over a number of months but could be done more quickly if you prefer.

Additional Options

Preparing for shows or competitions.

Backing Tracks
We’ll ensure you have the best possible backing track and that it’s in the right key for you and the correct length, should there be restrictions.
We could look at adding your own backing vocals, harmonies and even try completely different approaches to the lead vocals to make this ‘Your Own’.
We’ll record you, have a listen, address and re-record any parts you/we think could be done better or differently until you are totally happy.
You take the recording away to practice with.

Song Choice
One of the most difficult and important steps.
Once I get to know you and your voice, I will often suggest songs that you may not have thought of.
Songs that will challenge you and may be more suitable for your show or competition.
We quickly record these, have a listen and go from there.

Song writing
Most singers, no matter what age, have either thought about or had a go at songwriting.
The recording studio is the ideal place to gain a better understanding of the huge variety of options available.
Experiment with song structure, arrangement, instrument choices, melody, additional vocals, lyrics, etc.
Even if you don’t play an instrument yourself, I will play the instruments and/or bring in friends to help.
It’s a truly amazing feeling, hearing your own song produced and recorded.

Social Media
Such an important facility for getting yourself heard in today’s crowded marketplace.
We will help you set up and advise on the most suitable platforms to use.
It is key that you do not over commit by having too many Social Media outlets. Agree the ones that are appropriate and you are comfortable with.
Once these are set up it is imperative that you keep them updated on a regular basis with with relevant information only. Do not post personal, irrelevant views.
Videos and photos are always the best media to use and we can help with these.
Lots more to discuss and consider before entering into this world.

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