Singer Songwriters / Bespoke backing tracks

  Maybe you’re a closet Bob Dylan, Lennon/McCartney, Ed Sheeran or Jess Glynne. Maybe you’re in a covers band but write your own songs and would like those produced. Maybe an Open Mic regular.
  Whatever the reason if, as was the case with me, you regularly refer to those piles of papers, cigarette packs and old napkins containing words, chords and ideas you’ve been ‘waiting to do something with’, then maybe we can help. Maybe you just want someone to encourage, possibly co-write with. Then if nothing else let’s meet up and see what happens.
Maybe you want a bespoke backing track, either for your original song or new version of a cover.
  Using our high quality studio microphones just add your vocals to ‘Live’ guitars, bass, piano keyboards, etc., played by you and/or one of our experienced musicians and enjoy witnessing your songs being built, produced and mastered from scratch. All we can promise is that you’ll enjoy your experience and leave with a product you are proud of.
As mentioned before, our main aim is to work with you in a relaxed and fun environment to complete your specific project or to help take you and your song writing further.


  – The Process –
  We’ll have a chat beforehand and get a feel for the specific style you’re after and clarify if you will be playing any instruments yourself. We agree a date and time that suits you, you turn up and from there we plug in and make music.
  It varies considerably from song to song but based on our experience three hour slots work best. On average we will get the main components for one song recorded during this period. Normally a guitar and/or keyboard track with basic drums plus your vocal track(s). The next step is to discuss and try out some additional instrumentation and/or backing vocals you would like to have added. You then leave it with us for an agreed period of time where we add the extra instrumentation and apply relevant effects (FXs) to ensure a smooth, balanced and polished end product.
  We then arrange a second session where you will have the opportunity to review the mixed track and re-sing the main vocal line, if you feel it’s required. We then start the cycle all over again with another of your songs.
  Time and costs will vary based on the size of the production you require. For example you may just want a bass and a drum track added to the initial guitar/piano and vocals or you may want a much bigger production with additional guitars, keyboards, strings, brass, etc.
  Unlike a session in a traditional recording studio which tends to be ‘get as much done in a day as possible’ our method allows a ten track CD for example to spread over a two or three month period. This is more in line with signed artists. It also spreads the cost and provides opportunities to make changes right up to the finished product.
  No problem if you only want one or two tracks recorded and not a full CD. It just takes one hit song to launch a career.




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