(Ends Easter 2020)  
(Promo Costs are per track, not per hour!)

Intro To Recording – for singers and songwriters
£45.00 for up to 3 hours studio time.
During which we will go through various techniques and key points all singers and songwriters should understand and be aware of when going into a studio.
The end result will be one song recorded and fully mixed and mastered and a CD with your photo printed on it.

Solo Singers singing
 to backing tracks. Includes standard mixing and mastering.)
£45.00 per finished track for individual song recordings.
£35.00 per finished track for pre-agreed 5 track EP or £30.00 per finished track pre-agreed full 10 to 12 track CD.
£20.00 to £40.00 for a video shot in the studio during the recording session.
(Costs for ‘on location’ videos will vary so we’ll just need to have a chat.)

(Vocal Duos, Trios, etc. singing to backing tracks. Includes standard mixing and mastering.)
Approx £25.00 per singer per finished track.
(ie. Duos – £50, Trios – £70, etc. for recording.)
£30.00 – £60.00 per finished in-studio video.

(The Process – Group sing together then each singer sings their part separately.)

 Singer Songwriters and/or Bespoke Backing Tracks
(Includes mixing and mastering and up to FIVE instruments and vocal tracks.)
(Additional instrumental parts £10 per instrument.)
1 track – £60.00
3 tracks – £50.00 per track
6 tracks – £45.00 per track
10 tracks – £40.00 per track.

 Additional Services
(Various “xxxx-Aid” events, Off site recordings, choirs, etc.)
Please contact to discuss.