south sea sam

South Sea Sam, the hero in my kids book.
Basically I was always drawing pictures for the kids, painting their bedroom walls with Disney characters, etc. and one day I decided to have a go at creating my own characters. Simply to see if I could draw them in a consistent way, so they would be recognised in different settings, etc.
So I set out to write a story, do the illustrations and write some songs then put them all together, for no other reason than to see if I could.
Calling in favours from friends and family I completed this a couple years ago.
I think it was one of my sons who suggested I find a way of putting this out on the web so I’m in the process of writing background music so the story could be narrated and some basic animation applied. Another challenge to enjoy.
I need to give a huge thanks to a good old friend, Iano Premier, who helped with the initial illustrations. Should you ever see the full book you will easily be able to tell which drawings were his as they are far better than mine.
You’ll find a few pictures of some of the other characters under the gallery section if you’d like to have a look.
So Nice To Be Cruel
Like A Shadow
May You
(Bad Dad, not so bad son)
(Ft Lance Callaghan & Aaron Madley)
(Young men off to battle)
(Ft Karl Roche & Leighton on vocals)
(Song about lost love)
(Ft Leighton Jones on vocals)
(Father’s wish for his children)
(Ft. Ben Roche & Leighton on vocals)