Shari and PJ

What can I say about these two individuals?
Great voices, great fun, crazy conversations, crazy song choices based on a true love of music, always singing, continually insulting each other, extremely polite, and so much more.
I can’t speak for them but I had a ball in July 2018 when they spent two days with me in the studio.
I initially saw Shari sing at the Welsh Factor. Quite a few nerves on the night but definitely had a great voice. So she came round to the studio and recorded one song and thankfully arranged to come back, spend a couple days with me and do a lot more.
We recorded seven very different songs in those two days and one video. Here’s the video.


Shari & PJ – The Other Side (The Greatest Showman cover)


Shari & PJ – Girl In 14G (Phantom Of The Opera cover)


Shari – The Climb (Miley Cyrus cover)