paul whitfield


Paul is an old Brains colleague of mine who has the most amazing musical knowledge of anyone I’ve ever met.
So when he left Brains he decided to put this knowledge and his love of music to good use and joined ‘Rookwood Sound’ hospital radio, now operating out of Llandough Hospital??, to put a smile, and of course, educate the patients, their visitors, the nurses, doctors, porters, admin staff and basically anyone else he could find who would listen to his many tales, facts, antidotes, etc.
Paul wanted a few jingles and, with a bit of encouragement from myself, his own original theme music.
His radio show covers many generations of music but his specialist topic is the 60s, so I decided to write something that might have fitted in back then.
I hope to do more with Paul and other volunteer or professional DJs in the future.
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Motown Moments
(Radio Jingle)
Retro Radio Intro
(Full Version)
(Yes, it’s Paul voice. Only at the end though!) (The days of Twiggy in yellow leather mini skirt, hat, etc.)