megan sutherland

I met Megan at a singing competition and invited her and her parents to the studio for the Intro To Recording Session.
Such a great family and Megan, such a creative, inspiring and enthusiastic young lady who can not only sing but showed me some of her amazing Anime style drawings.
We managed to record, mix and master two songs which isn’t bad in a three hour session.
We met up again just before Christmas 2017 to work on Megan’s first original song, Why Cry.
Megan wrote the lyrics and the main melody, I put the music together, keeping it simple. I think it worked out really well and I’m personally very proud of Megan for working so hard, being totally open to so many different ideas and coming up with her own suggestions, backing vocals, harmonies, etc.
We’ve met up a number of times since and started working on Megan’s second original song, Trip and Fall, which I will post once completed.
Megan came back with her friend, Nia Lewis, to each record some solo tracks. While here they decided to have a go at a duet. I’m glad they did as it’s really beautiful. It’s their version of Titanium.
Looking forward to many more interesting and fun recording sessions with Megan and co.


Megan Sutherland – Showreel 2019


Megan Sutherland – Why Cry (Original Song)


Megan Sutherland – Supermarket Flowers (Ed Sheeran cover)


Megan Sutherland – House Of Gold (Twenty One Pilots cover)