mark humphries and himd

Mark Humphries, bassist in the great local band Cakehole Presley, and front man in so many great bands over the years brought his talented young family (HIMD) round to try out the studio.
As with everything Mark has done in all the years I’ve known him, I suspected this would not be a normal session and that proved to be the case.
Basically they selected one of their original tracks and everyone grabbed an instrument and/or microphone and we laid down track after track. The idea was for everyone to just try things. We’d record everything and then share out the WAV files and let everyone have a go at putting a mix together.
A musical jigsaw, so to speak.
It was great fun.
Anyway, here’s my first attempt at a mix. Hope you enjoy it. I will post more versions as I get them.


Mark Humphries And HIMD – Blue (Original Song)


April 2015