maisy thornhill

I met Maisy, just 10 at the time, at a Welsh Factor heat and invited her and her mum round to the studio.
Maisy is one of the most naturally expressive young singers I’ve ever come across so all I really have to do is turn on the video whilst she’s recording.
Maisy completed her first CD with me just before Christmas 2017. A combination of pop and musical theatre songs, some of which you can hear on the videos below.
We have recently started recordings for Maisy’s, now 11 years old, 2018 CD, an example of which you can hear on her first video below.
Maisy’s version of “A Million Dreams” from The Greatest Showman was an impromptu recording. It was unrehearsed and we will be re-recording this when she has learnt and practiced it but I thought it was a great example of her talent to perform such a difficult song so well considering.
In addition you can see Maisy in Olly Murs “Grow Up” video and at the end of May 2018 playing the role of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’s  Jemima in the New Theatre Cardiff.


Maisy Thornhill – Warrior (Demi Lovato cover)


Maisy Thornhill – Naughty (Matilda cover)


Maisy Thornhill – Opportunity (Annie cover)


Maisy Thornhill – Part Of Your World (The Little Mermaid cover)


Maisy Thornhill – Tomorrow (Annie cover)