lee blackmore

I was introduced to Lee late 2013. I’m sure he won’t mind me saying this but, as he had only played his songs to very close friends and family, he was very nervous to say the least.
We had a cuppa and a chat and after a short while I got him to play a few of his songs. That in itself was interesting as he literally had a couple notebooks full of lyrics and chords and choosing the first one to have a go at recording took a little time.
As we shared many musical interests and artists I was very pleased and not totally surprised to hear that he was more than competent on guitar and, to me, has a great tone to his voice, interesting chord structures and words with a poet’s lyrical style.
Lee had never been into a studio before so playing to a metronome was a new experience and I guess hearing himself for the first time was, as it is for all of us, a little bit strange.
But here we are two years later and still going strong.
Lee allows me a very free hand on the musical arrangements . He comes along with a new song, we do a rough take, sometimes adding a new middle eight or trying a new melody or arrangement and then he leaves it with me.
We are just completing the mastering of his third CD and I look forward to starting work on his fourth which we plan to begin in March.
He’s now gigging so try to track him down.


Lee Blackmore – Cold Coffee (Lee Blackmore Original)


Lee Blackmore – Restless Escape (Lee Blackmore Original)


Lee Blackmore – I Was (Lee Blackmore Original)


Fast Forward
Fast Forward
(Before instruments, mixing and mastering)
Just to provide you with an idea of what we add at home brewed recordings.
(After we did our bits)
After launching on YouTube this track was purchased by an American lady for use on her web site.
After hearing the original we decided to slow it down a bit and give it a slight country feel.
We also agreed not to shorten this track. Not a typical 3 min. pop song.


Ever Changing World
In Good Time
In my humble opinion a truly lovely, simple but effective song.
I think this is an example of just what Lee is capable of.
Lee came with a friend, Geri, and we had a lot of fun putting this down.