kellymarie bettridge

I saw Kellymarie at the first round heats of the 2018-19 Welsh Factor and invited her to the studio.
I find it strange, but I do understand, how so many people with really good voices, like Kellymarie, are so nervous and self conscious about singing in front of people.
I was really pleased when Kellymarie agreed to come and record as I knew that would be another big step to helping her gain some confidence.
I also encouraged her to start going to The Welsh Factor’s Open Mic night at the Gremlin Club in Carmarthen run by Alize Adelle, as that regular Sunday night event was specifically set up to help the less experienced singers learn and develop their trade.
I was even more pleased when she got in touch a couple days later to say that she had been to The Gremlin and had really enjoyed it.
I hope you enjoy Kellymarie’s first recording.



Kellymarie Bettridge – Never Alone (Lady Antebellum cover)