kaci james

I was contacted by Kaci’s mum and asked if I could do some recording with Kaci and generally offer advice and guidance to help this very talented young lady develop those natural talents.
We started by recording some of Kaci’s favorite cover songs, then introduced more challenging ones. I introduced Kaci to laying down her own harmonies and backing vocals and finally achieved my main goal of encouraging and helping Kaci write her own songs.
We worked and tried a few different things on Kaci’s first original song, Invisible to me. Her second song, I Win, required very few changes, if any, and her third, Paper Aeroplanes, was a perfect example of a well structured song with excellent and very meaningful lyrics.
Paper Aeroplanes – one of the best of all the original songs I’ve worked with. You initially think here’s a 12 year old singing about paper aeroplanes, sweet, etc. and then you here these lines ‘We’re all made of paper, We all can be ripped’ and quickly realise that Kaci’s has a gift with lyrics.


Kaci James – Paper Aeroplanes (Original Song)